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Made with Ife is a clothing company created because we not only
absolutely LOvvvveee African Fashion. We we want to see it worn on people all over the world, regardless of their background, ethnicity or religion. It’s why we adopted the motto “Bringing Africa to the World”

MadewithIfe clothing is a marriage between Western and African style. We love using designs to bring out the rich textures and bold color prints of the African Fabrics with modern western styles. Also tapping into our African roots. We aspire daily to make sure that while wearing our clothing not only do you make heads turn but you feel like Royalty.

So why Made with Ife…our materials are carefully hand selected from Africa to maintain the authenticity of the culture. Our clothing is made in Nigeria for genuinity . We stand firmly that Anything made for you is made with high quality, satisfaction and authenticity. We do not just make products, we created a lifestyle. We are proud of the materials we use, the detail to stitching and the fit we produce ensuring quality clothing. Its made clear in our name our clothes are Made with Ife (love)…just for you!



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